Medieval Pardoners Tale S Essay Example

Medieval Pardoners Tale S Essay Example

An overview of the different myths of a Great Flood in different ancient cultures.

… other living creatures. Thus, in the Greek myth, life is resurrected by Themis asking Deucalion and Pyrrha to: go forth and cast the bones of their great mother over their shoulders behind them” (Apollodorus, The Library, 1.7.2).

The medieval play The Chesters play of Noahs Flood, follows the biblical story throughout but departs from the tale in introducing the pivotal character of Noahs wife, a bad tempered woman, who thinks her friends are more important than her family. She would rather stay with her gossips than go with her family. In taking this approach, the medieval version draws from the Fall of Man with Noah representing Adam and Noahs wife, Eve. The play also introduces power play between Noah and his wife highlighting the change in the position of women between Biblical and medieval times (Medieval Plays, Fu Jen University Web site).

It is worth noting that almost all the flood myths end with the promise of life on Earth continuing, regenerated and rejuvenated after the destruction of evil and the appeasement of God by the survivors. It is also interesting that similar prophecies of destruction of life on Earth caused by the spreading …

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