Medievalism Term Paper Topics

Medievalism Term Paper Topics

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the essay, “Gawk Shows,” by Nicols Fox. Specifically, it will summarize this essay and give an opinion about it. Television talk shows can be embarrassing, and it would be better if people turned them off and watched something else.
“Gawk Shows” talks about how Americans like to gawk at others that …

… People watch them, and many people, even the talk show hosts who have these people on their shows, believe that people watch them because our culture is decayed and not interested in serious topics (Fox 307). This is why people also enjoy baring their souls on talk shows like “Oprah.” It does not matter than millions of strangers are watching the show, people will talk about anything …

… people with disabilities.
People like to listen to other peoples problems because it makes them feel better about themselves. Author Fox calls this “electronic gossip” (Fox 307), and that is a good term for it, because this is just gossip that people can listen to on television. It does not really mean anything in a persons life. It is silly, and it is popular, which …

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