Memnoch The Devil Essay Sample

Memnoch The Devil Essay Sample

… a wealthy man. However, as he gets older he realizes the consequences of his choice. He attempts to save himself by becoming religious, but this is not a true religion, but one based on his own needs. In the end, Walker is not saved but it taken by the devil.
This leads to a consideration of the themes of each story. “Young Goodman Brown” is mainly a short story about good and evil, and recognizing the difference between good and evil. When Goodman Brown leaves for the forest, he sees the people of Salem as good because they are religious …

… . In each story, the same thing is shown, that calling yourself Christian does not necessarily mean that you are a good person.
Comparing these two stories has shown that they have both similarities and differences. The settings of each story are similar, as are aspects of the theme including the issue of good and evil. However, the plot of each story differs considerably. In “Young Goodman Brown” the plot shows that being Christian does not always mean being good. Instead, it can actually result in people having a false sense of goodness. In “The Devil and Tom Walker” the plot …

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