Men Women Contraception Essay Sample

Men Women Contraception Essay Sample

… the masculine.” The female being is compared to the male, rather than being analyzed, criticized, and appreciated as herself. Women are equally hesitant as men to make self-assertions about the nature of women, for the territory is dangerous. Women, in asserting their identity as separate from men, nevertheless acknowledge the need for creating an “Other.” It is this creation of the Other that de Beauvoir criticizes …

… equals. Yet we cannot escape the ingrained notion that on some levels, women are inferior to men. De Beauvoir states that this double standard manifests especially during times of intra-gender conflict. When men argue with women, men do tend to put down or dismiss female emotional response. When women cry, they play into the self-fulfilling prophecy that women are overly reactive. Men, too, however, act …

… human. Diversity is absolute, far more so than the experience of gender. What an African-American woman feels femininity to be will differ greatly from what an Asian woman would feel. In her essay, de Beauvoir claims this to be true. This lack of universality muddles any attempt to answer the question, “What is woman?”
Simone de Beauvoir demands that women be defined independently of men, and

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