Mesopotamia Family Structure Essay Sample

Mesopotamia Family Structure Essay Sample

… The Future of the Family
The family structure in the United States has changed significantly over recent decades and will continue to change in the future. The changes began after World War II when women first began to work and became more independent. Since that time, the family structure has continued to change significantly. The major thing that is changing in the current time is the acceptance of the family structure. People no longer expect a family to remain the same or to take on a certain form. The major change of the future will be a continuing of this …

… to maintain. Instead, families pretended that they fitted this model. Women may have worked, while struggling against society seeing them as not taking on their proper role. Since divorce was not common, many women stayed with husbands despite having poor relationships. From the outside, this appears like a proper family since all the family members live together. However, if the reality is that the husband never speaks to his wife and children, it is questionable how real this family is.
The changes that began in the 1940’s have continued to the present day. A modern text describes a family …

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