Messengers For Cell Phones Essay Sample

Messengers For Cell Phones Essay Sample

This is a two page paper that will concentrate on a deductive argumentation concerning teenage drivers and their use of cell phones. There are four references used for this paper.
People use different methods to convince others that their idea or belief is correct. One way is by using logic in the form of deductive argumentation. Deductive argumentation uses a syllogism, which is “a pattern of logical thinking used in deductive reasoning (2000).” A syllogism is divided in to three parts: “a major premise, a minor premise and a conclusion. (2000).”
The Argument
When a person wants …

… are also talking on a cell phone. They not only talk on them, but play games and access the Internet. One third of all teenagers have a cell phone and studies show in the next three years, that number will increase to 70 percent. By 2005, “teenagers with cell phones will be greater than that of any other group in the general population (2002)”.

Cell Phones and Driving
Cell phones are invaluable in reporting reckless driving, accidents and road conditions, but most people use them to relieve boredom while driving. In a recent study, cell phones were implicated in over …

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