Metaphor, Critical Thinking & Language Essay

Metaphor, Critical Thinking & Language Essay

This paper concentrates on discussing the concept of metaphors. We live in a world where we all look for experiences which come in one form or another. Time and again we hear metaphors which assist us in understanding things which are not understandable. This essay seeks to study and investigate the concept of metaphors. The first section of essays seeks to describe the concept of metaphors through personal experience or thought. Other sections of the essay concentrate on providing extensive review on language and language diversity and its role in influencing critical thinking processes.

Concept of Metaphor

Metaphors are considered to be comparisons which are used to show how two dissimilar things are connected to each other in one significant way. They are used to describe experiences, thoughts or feelings (Kirby, Goodpaster & Levine,2000). In simple words, metaphor is considered to be a figure of speech which has implied meaning and is not isolated to particular comparison. Rather, it is sustained throughout experiences as an influencing illustration. They are helpful in communicating ideas because they establish connections between two different things.


Few hours ago, I was working rapidly to complete my assignment. However, the exploded computer made me lose my work. That’s life, easy come and easy which makes me realize that the grass is always greener at one side of the barrier while barren at the other side. This means that we always tend to look and consider one aspect of life while ignoring the other. Being born in America makes us fortunate because we are born with silver spoon in our mouth. Living in United States means that we are living a good life as compared to people of other countries.

As American citizens, we take things for granted .However, in other parts of the world, food, clothes, sanctuary and prosperous life are not taken for granted. For them, life is not bed of roses. They have to struggle hard with their life. For them, basic life necessities are a gift descended from the blue sky. Even though people from third world countries differ from each other in customs and traditions which still reaches out from inside, to help coddle and protect its own species. What unites them is deprivation of food and basic necessities of life.

Language, Language Diversity and Critical Thinking Process

Language is considered to be a medium which assigns meaning to objects in our surroundings, events, feelings and thoughts. It assists us to exchange ideas with one another through verbal and non verbal means. It allows us to explain and express experiences in such a way that the receiver experiences the event first hand. It allows us to discover thoughts of others and understand our personal meaning from their words. In short, language is considered to be a logic which assists in connecting thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc (Kirby, Goodpaster & Levine, 2000). Language diversity is remarkable. There are several reasons which make it diverse. For example, there are several different languages spoken among humans. It is also diverse because it plays an essential role in critical thinking process. It is important to use the correct selection of words. In any language, one word can have several distinct meaning which can easily influence critical thinking process.

Language and Empowerment of Thoughts

Language can influence and empower thoughts mainly because it is the method though which human beings express ideas and thoughts to others. A control and fluency in language can assist individuals to express themselves in clear and straightforward manner. It is unavoidably associated with traditional and cultural heritage which improves and develops experiences of life (Fauconnier & Turner, 2002). However, it can also restrict limit expression. Therefore, selection of words is essential. For instance, if a person conveys negative message, then the receiver will give negative feedback. The same is applicable for a speaker who is speaking positive. Other limits of include understanding. If the listener is unable to understand the speaker then his or her thoughts have become limited. We are limited with what we say or want to express if we are without words and understanding of the language. Structural differences, inherent associations of different words and the logics used in creating a thought can limit thoughts.

Critical Thinking and Persuasion

Critical thinking is essential aspect of persuasion and plays an essential role in influencing it (Gelfand & McCusker, 2001). Its components are required to successfully convince the audience. Investigations, examinations, facts, figures, judgment, reason, etc are needed to convince an audience. Investigations, facts and figures and logic are the essential components of any study. Lastly, language is the medium to persuasion.


Metaphors are considered to be expressions which are used to express our ideas and emotions which animate the dark and indefinable black and white worlds in which we live with vivid descriptions within the complicated and complex language of life. Language is the pathway for communication and it is diverse in many ways. It is the key to reach the targeted audience. Factors which limit thoughts include understanding, Structural differences, inherent associations of different words and the logics.


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