Metro Manila Essay Example

Metro Manila Essay Example

A biography of the life and career of the film star Judy Garland.

… at age 47 (Gliatto 18), Garland was destined to be torn between the world of drug addiction and destruction and the fame and fortune of being one of the greatest musical talents to ever live.
Garland began her entertainment career with the world in her hands. A pure talent, with a crystal-clear voice and a dynamic personality, the Hollywood studios of the 1930s could not get her fast enough. However, the studio system was self-serving and cared little for the personal lives of its talent. To meet its production goals and create the films Americans wanted, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and the other Hollywood studios would go to any length to meet the publics entertainment demands, including destroying the lives of contract players. Judy Garland was no exception (
The nightmare of addiction to diet and sleeping pills, recovery, and relapse began of Judy Garland at the age of 15. Deemed too large for film, Judy Graldns budding teenage body was deemed too large for the films created by Mayers contract players. To correct the problem, MGM owner, Louis B. Mayer, had studio physicians put Garland on amphetamines to keep her weight down …

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