Mexicans Gain In Mexican War Essay Sample

Mexicans Gain In Mexican War Essay Sample

… it’s principles of expansion and manifest destiny, laid practical claims to the entire continent. Eventually the two nations were bound to clash. The Mexican War, while supposedly fought over a border dispute on the Texan-Mexican boundary, was in no small part nothing more or less than a war of conquest, euphemistically waged to suit the delicate sensibilities of American idealism.
American settlers had been moving into Mexican territory for years. “They were simply appropriating land by squatters’ rights, claiming as their own whatever part suited them… They knew there government was committed almost irrevocably to back them.” (Peplow …

… battle America finished its amoeba-like expansion, engulfing half of Mexico into its own body. It is somehow strange and ironic that now, a century and a half later, so many American’s complain that this southern states are being over-run by “illegal” Mexicans, when so shortly before in our history these were Mexican territories overrun by Americans.

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