Mgt Of Healthcare Personnel Essay Sample

Mgt Of Healthcare Personnel Essay Sample

… myth. Americans who do not fit the picture of what an American “should” be – White, Protestant, and English –speaking – frequently find themselves the victims of discrimination. They are held back in the job market, denied proper education, and compelled, by default, to live in substandard housing. The field of healthcare is no exception to this rule. Ethnic minorities – African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and others – are at the bottom of the list when it comes to receiving adequate medical care. Imprisoned in low-wage jobs, a large proportion of Minorities do not have health insurance, and so cannot afford to see …

… . Out-of-control blood sugar levels and a couch-potato lifestyle can lead to an amputated leg or blindness — the cost of uncontrolled diabetes. Obesity and a fatty diet can lead to a heart attack. Skipped mammograms can culminate in advanced, hard-to-treat breast cancer. “
Physicians and medical personnel, in general, must work much harder to reach out to the Minority Community so that being a Minority is no longer a life-threatening handicap.
2) The relationship between SES and other fundamental causes in healthcare:

In addition to ethnicity, Socio-economic Status, or SES, is another major factor influencing …

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