Of Mice And Men And Censorship Essay Sample

Of Mice And Men And Censorship Essay Sample

.. When John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men, the United States was in the first really widespread financial upheaval in its history. In fact, it was a worldwide upheaval, and was later called The Great Depression. It was hard to get a job, and if you did, the pay was low. People were living under bridges in ‘towns’ made of cardboard boxes. If you did have money, you spent it on housing, food and clothing. If you were lucky enough to have any extra, you might have gone to the movies to see comedies or musicals and try to …

… and the knowledge that would help him with the characters and dialog in Of Mine and Men, by working as a ranch hand and fruit picker, among other jobs, while he was working on his novels and waiting for someone to publish them.
Steinbeck’s next book was Of Mice and Men. Like Tortilla Flat, it drew upon the lives or ranch hands and drifters at the edge of central California’s agricultural region. But instead of making them into sympathetic characters, he made the characters in Of Mice and Men some of the most flawed and unattractive humans imaginable. …

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