A Modest Proposal Irony Essay

A Modest Proposal Irony Essay

… Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns” discusses how America’s obsession with the right to bear arms has passed all reason, and gives a serious of impassioned and sarcastic comparisons. Jonathan Swift’s essay, which is by far the funniest bit of social satire, is called “A Modest Proposal.” It deals with the suggestion that since society cannot provide for the gainful employment of the Irish, or prevent them from starving, or even treat them humanely, it might as well go full out and start raising them for food. (Obviously this is satirical, but his cutting comments show …

… satire is omnipresent. They are also alike in analyzing the situations in terms of numbers and figures, in Anderson’s instance in order to adequately argue his case, and in Swift’s as a means of mocking serious minded but destructive social critiques. Finally, all three are rooted, all irony aside, in a very serious complaint about society, and a genuine need to change it.
Irony and sarcasm are wonderful tools to access that part of the human mind that is willing to consider changes, because they are simply funny, and laughter penetrates all reserves. This is surely the reason …

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