Monet And Impressionism Essay

Monet And Impressionism Essay

Issue of Reality Representation by French Painters in 20th Century

In the 20th century, the main problem that French Painters faced was that it was becoming a common belief that reality can truly be represented by photography. Impressionist painting was simply perceived as an art which was not accurate in painting the reality as compared to photography. Photography emerged as extra victorious in capturing reality as well as painting. Manet was among the well known artists who were famous for their impressionist work on Realism.

Photography: A philosophical Problem for Painter

Photography became a philosophical problem. This happened because it turns away from theoretical baggage. It offers what is evident and reality. Photography doesn’t search for explanation or substance that might be a result of rationality. It rejects “cause-and-effect” and focuses on the mysterious surfaces of objects.

Painters Response to this dilemma

The French Impressionists apprehended their final group show in late 19th century. The movement that had directed before impressionism was realism. In this movement, everything was represented accurately. As a result, after impressionism emerged, no one was fond of paint work. People established that the impressionists may possibly not paint well as their work was not realistic or photographic enough. It appeared at first that the camera doomed the art of painting. However, photography was not at all a disappointment for the art of painting. One benefit of photography was that it freed painters from having to capture reality in the same way as photographs did. This motivated painters in creating more beautiful and surrealistic and abstract art work.

Europeans Conception of Reality and the shifting pattern

As a result of photography, photographers and painters were equally able to create portraits, sceneries and illustrations. In Europe, mass’s concept of reality changed because all started loving the not-so-exact replication of sceneries. Painters like Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Pissarro created art work based on their own mind’s perception of reality that everyone was immediately taken with it.

Interpretation Example:
Watching a horror movie always makes you feel that the ghosts in the movie where real and not just camera affects when they appear and disappear like a real ghosts would do. For a few minutes, it haunts you and you believe you could very easily be faced by them.


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