My Academic Goals

My Academic Goals

Education is the leeway to a brighter future; at least this is what most people grow up believing though the meaning of the statement takes on different dimensions as success or brighter future is deconstructed with experiences that one has. Success to me is the ability to achieve one’s goals and apply his abilities both inherent and acquired for the good of the society while bettering them. This is and always has been my personal definition of success and education appears to be the only avenue through which I can attain it.

Attainment of one’s personal goals is an experience that few ever manage to attain. Few can look upon their lives achievements and claim that they have managed to attain all they ever wanted. Education as a social system is a tool that I intend to harness fully in developing skill that are relevant to the attainment of my personal goal and ensuring that the society as a whole is affected by my existence.

Individuals who have been blessed with a gift of art use their abilities to affect lives. Athletes use their skills to make money and play a role in ensuring that the stress that is definitive of the society is reduced by entertaining. Academics use their skills to ensure that all practical areas have the required theoretical knowledge and skills (Ford 65). I fall in this category not due to lack of skills rather the realization that I can be of good to the society as an academic or formal professional than an entertainer or athlete. There is no doubt that I can run but owing to the fact that I have never impressed any one with this God given skill, I would be a disgrace to athleticism.

Appreciation of my abilities is in line with objectivity which is a key principle in defining the activities I engage in as a member of the society. After graduation from St. Phillips Community College with an Associates in computer science I Intend to use the skills that I will have attained to further by studies in computer science to graduate level. Computer science is not only a discipline of choice but has for a long time been my fascination. The complexities that some students face in understanding programming paradigms or networking protocols are like a sweet narrative to an eager child in my case. The dynamism displayed by computer science and the role that information technology plays in various fields makes it one of the most important disciplines to nearly all sectors of the economy (Michael De Gyurky and Tarbell 24). This is one of the key reasons that I considered computer science a tool through which I can be of good to the society and impact people from all walks of life. By developing skills in computer science, I will not only be able to attain my personal goals but also play a part in developing a discipline that has proven to be central in determining the level of development that can be attained in other areas of present day economies.

After serious consideration on how I can effectively attain my personal objective I have come to realize that success in academics is more than just mastery of skills and principles rather it entails developing skills that are relevant to ensuring that theories gained are applied for the overall good of the society. This is a factor that many in the society appear to be oblivious of despite its manifestation in the society as seen in numerous unethical practices that are conducted by professionals who are of proven prowess (Shannon and Chang 48). Any academic goal that is not developed with consideration on gain of skills that are critical to application of theory to practice is faulty and may in fact not be of optimal good to the society. There are a number of support strategies that I have in place to ensure that attainment of graduate level education is translated to practice which forms the core of my personal goal.

Appreciation of diversity in the present society play an important role in minimizing collision between its members and is an important factor in determining the level of efficiency that can be attained by professionals in addressing issues within the society. In fact education and professional practice are both affected by appreciation of diversity in determining the level of efficiency that can be attained in communication and synergy developed within teams and in the society (Sonja 77). By relating academic principles with other students and even teaching staff, engaging in activities without the classroom that involve interaction betweens student and taking a personal initiative to develop a clear picture of the different backgrounds that exist within societies that I am in, I will be able to develop skills that are relevant to communication in diverse settings. Such skills are important in classroom interaction and therefore transmission of academic principles. Moving to Texas state university for my undergraduate degree which is part of my academic plans is motivated by the need to experience different environment, cultures and social backgrounds. In the same light, an understanding of different theoretical disciplines and not just computer science is important in ensuring that I gain skills that are important in practice. In addition to programming languages and computer related studies, I intend to take classes in foreign languages, business, emergency management and communication that will aid development of diverse skills that will aid in analysis and address of challenges within professional practice and academics.

Though developing goals is important to developing a path that one will seen in ensuring that his personal goals are attained, it does not guarantee that one will even take steps to attain them. To maintain objectivity, I keep myself surrounded by positive people and try as much as possible to develop positive knowledge or experiences from failures. I appreciate the fact that moving from a community college class to consulting with a professor on my graduate thesis is a long path that may take several years to go through. I have put in place milestones on academic and personal development that are aimed at ensuring this long path is traversed. The short term goals that I have come up with have been developed under the strategic principles of SMART and are aimed at ensuring any stunted achievement is addressed (Stuart and Stuart).

The greatest joy in human life is attainment of lifetime goals; this is my perception thus the statement is applicable to my life. I intend to achieve the numerous short term academic goals within the next six years. With objectivity and determination, I should be able to attain them. I do not have any reason for denying myself the chance to live my dreams considering this may be the only life I have.

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