My Best Film

My Best Film

There are various genres of movies like mystery, dramas, comedies, horror, romance as well as the historical films. I prefer the romantic films in most cases and I relax with different kinds of movies especially the ones that teach great lessons about life. However, among all the kinds of films I have had the opportunity to watch, the best one that I enjoyed most is the ‘Save the Last Dance’. It has a lot of musical as well as dancing scenes spiced up with romance. I was particularly tripped by Julia Stiles who starred as Sarah. She was my choice actress in the film as she impressed me on how she portrayed a very genuine emotion and reaction in the Save the Last Dance.

The film was shot in New York and it was about a lady called Sarah who aspired to be a ballerina but the dream was truncated by the sudden demise of her mother in a motor accident while on her way to her daughter’s audition. Following the death of her mother, Sarah had no choice than to move over and live with her Dad in a terrible black neighborhood and she was also later transferred to a new school where she found herself as one of the few students that were non-blacks. She had problem in her new found school in getting new friends. The film will always be my best ever watched in that it thought me the importance of making not just friends but sincere and genuine friends who have the same vision and pursuit as I do. This film is unique in this regards. Sarah later met Chenille who assisted her out of the situation. She also later got to know Chenille’s brother and fell in love with him (Derrick) .Derrick subsequently gave her tutorial on how to dance hip-hop.

In the long run, Sarah went into full-time auditioning and had her way into Julliard. I am a lover of dance and the enthusiasm I developed for this movie that made it my best was the hip hop dance. I was astonished about how fast that Sarah picked on the moves that Derrick made.

Another important and most important reason Save the Last Dance will always and ever be my best film is that it thought me about the pursuit of purpose which is the main reason I exist in this world. You just have to be yourself and not someone else although sometimes in life there may be stresses and struggles and Sarah made a proof of this. Despite the death of her mother, she put in a dint of hard work which transformed to her becoming eventually a Ballerina having overcome all odds. I love hard work as my goal is to be a success in this world. I will continue to put in my best and struggle for whatever I want and desire. I will never relax or quit even if I do not get it at first attempt until the fullness of time comes.

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