Name Assignment Essay

Name Assignment Essay

A name is a very personal thing and it sounds very sweet to the ears. Whenever I hear the sound of my name spoken by any person, it brings my attention from wherever I am and whatever I am doing. It has the power to pull my attention immediately. I do not agree with the famous statement by William Shakespeare which says, “What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” I feel everything is in the name. Though my name is very popular and common, it still has its own uniqueness.

The origin of the name Salman is from Arabic, meaning “blessing” and “peace” and it also stands for “protector, conqueror,” and “security.” These meanings are diverse, and represent different emotions and actions in life. I am diverse and complex as well, so the name suits me perfectly. Ever since I came to know the meaning of my name I have developed a special feeling about myself. I have always felt that my name, Salman, induces peace and happiness inside me wherever I am. Parents give a particular name with an ardent wish that their child stands for the meaning of the name he/she is given. As I progressed in my life, I began to realize that my name represents me.

The meaning of my name Salman first and foremost brings to me pictures of peace and tranquility. The sunrise is the best emblem for my name. The sunrise is a peaceful experience every morning. The sun rising out from behind the mountains, or rising from distant fields brings thoughts of quietness and hope to the mind. Sometimes I feel the hot sun in the summer afternoon also fits the image of my name. The hot sun is blazing in the sky, like a conqueror standing over his foe. The rising moon also fits the image of my name. The rising moon represents the blessing of another day well spent, and the security that no matter what happened today, there is always tomorrow. These images that represent my name bring bliss to the billions of people around the world.

Tablah, a large, cylindrical, double-sided drum, which is played with a hand on one side and a beater on the other, is a typical Arabic musical instrument that comes to mind as an accompaniment to my name, Salman. The varying beats on the tablah depict all the meanings of my name. The fast beat stands for the conqueror. The fast beats of tablah inspire me the most because they evoke the feelings of victory and conquering the enemy. The slow beat stands for the army marching to battle. Naturally, Salman stands at the head position leading his army to the victory.

White is the color that stands for peace and bliss. I feel it only occasionally whenever I am very quiet and cool. Orange is the color that comes to my mind as an extension of my qualities and my name. It stands for the pre-dawn. It is the color that signals to the world the arrival the sun. It has red, yellow, and white colors mixed together. Red stands for battle and victory, the yellow for ripeness and understanding, and white is for peace.

The image that haunts me most is the image of an Arab conqueror on his white horse galloping across the green fields and brown deserts. He comes and goes so swiftly that he reminds me of lightning in a cloudy sky. The warrior on a running white horse inspires everyone who is interested in action and sports. It does not offer any pictures of mildness or dullness. The heroic warrior instills confidence in his people and inspires them to go for great deeds. Salman is a person who is always cheerful and happy. He is a person who loves the company of others and helps them reach their goals.

Salman is not a static by nature. It is ever dynamic and changing as nature is. The name itself has different, almost conflicting meanings. Peace verses conqueror, and protector verses blessing represent the complexities that define my name. That is why the images representing my name are varying degrees of the same objects: the sun, rising or blazing overhead, the tablah, beating a slow march or a fast victory, or the color orange, with its various contributing colors.

My name has always meant something special to me. I know my parents hoped to have a special son when I was born, and so they gave me a name that meant peace, and conqueror. The images that represent my name have had a profound impact on my mind and behavior. The knowledge of the meaning of my name and what it stands for have helped me in developing my vision of my life. Salman, the conqueror, brings peace and happiness to his people.

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