The National Socialist German Worker’s Party Essay

The National Socialist German Worker’s Party Essay

The Nazi party has always been associated with Hitler. However, as this research and accompanying cited articles have shown, documented history points out that Hitler was not the founder of the political party but became its leader through various political processes partly because of his ability as a speaker and partly because of his desires which online to the greater need of the German people. In fact, its formation goes back to the formation of a political party focus on social welfare after the various problems World War I had caused Germany and its working in lower class. It was only later that Hitler became the chair of the Nazi party which in turn became the only political party in Germany. In fact, many of Hitler’s precepts that have been associated with the Nazi party and popular historical convention were not the original concepts in which the NSDAP was founded upon.

The word Hitler and Nazi have always been associated with popular conventional society labels. From World War II, the fleeing of the Jews because of the Holocaust, and Hitler’s popular image of being the antichrist of his generation, the Nazi party and its leader has always been labeled under the category of people. However, if there is one thing that such popular convention and general knowledge as a result from history has taught us, it is that it should always be approached from context. In fact, just focusing on the Nazi party itself, although many perhaps know various crimes it has done, and Adolf Hitler who has always been associated with the party, there is a rich historical perspective on how the people support if Germany had developed over the years. In fact, it may even be surprising to know for some individuals that Hitler was not always be popular strong and the general that conventional image and historical commentary has labeled him to be but rather the result of historical accidents, circumstance, and the development of the party as a whole.

It was at the approach of the end of World War I where ideas of nationalism and the power of the people had began to circulate around German politics. In fact, many other countries who have been around the same government is out of Germany’s had already an instituted People’s party operating with a significant degree over power over the legislative body. Also, much like many of the other People’s parties of other countries, the bulk and focus of this new forming organization was the welfare of workers of Germany. Also, the focus of current political institutions of that time was that of the upper class and greater German philosophers were recognizing that it was beginning to ignore the needs of its working-class and especially the lower class and stratification of the country. The result was the formation of the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or the DAP (Nolzen, 2005). In the forming of the DAP, it was made clear that the focus of this new political party was for the rights and welfare of workers, which quickly grew popular support because of the greater electoral point of view that there is finally a party in the country which would address the needs of the people rather than the upper class. Literature and reference on the subject has shown that one underlying reason for the popularity of the DAP was that gets held the opinion that the addressing of social issues should have been the front line purpose and subject of government. In the early years of the party and after World War I, it was the local religious communities and the greater monotheistic Church of Germany that address issues of poverty and taking care of the poor.

A Corporal by the name of Adolf Hitler became the 55th member of the party. Although the membership of the DAP was slow, its focus and idealism’s have made it a constant popular party in the German legislative community and more and more members entered it. In 1920, because of the drafts and gaining popularity of communist thought, “National Socialist” to the beginning of its name, effectively making it the National Socialist German Workers’ Party –National Sozialischtische Deutche Arbeiter Partei  (Nolzen, 2005). In fact, looking at various historical facts and literature, has already been proven that Hitler was not the founder or the original had the party itself — and he is not even responsible for the changing of the name but rather was suggested by a co-member of the NSDAP and is only approved by Hitler.

It was at this time when the popular Association Hitler to the Nazi party has attached itself because of the fact that Hitler, unlike many other past leaders of the party and even unlike many of the current members, had a certain flair for attracting new members and popularity. As more and more members entered the party and as these new membership had been associated to be ability of Hitler to shape political outcomes and membership just by his various speeches and gestures, in 1921, Hitler became the chairman of the party and it was only at this time he documented history that Hitler officially became the head of the NAZI movement (Nolzen, 2005). However, although Hitler was officially its head, the way that the nasty party operates was to consider the decisions of a board that was elected by its members. When Hitler became chair, as some researchers have claimed to be a direct result of the future world figures personality and ability to persuade individuals that he could be the sole decision-maker, the original method of having a board of decision-makers was removed to be replaced by Hitler being the only chair, leader, and over all final decision-maker of the organization.

By the time that Hitler had become the leader of the nasty party, the original goal of the party of merely being able to provide support and social welfare for the working class and the poor of the country had evolved into a rather different perspective of being a revolutionary organization whose aim was to overthrow the upper class and the current social structure and government in order to the past problems that resulted from the actions of these beliefs and parties. It was at this time when a surprising turn of events had resulted in the foundation of a paramilitary group of a party — something that was already observed in many other political parties in Germany in the past but had never reached the scale. Because of Hitler’s opinions and pure hatred of countries such as France, Britain, and the Soviet Union — together with   intrinsic hate for Jews — something that historians have pointed out to be coming from various variables in Hitler’s upbringing as well as the events surrounding their betrayal during World War I — this newly formed militia by the party was beginning to cease the homes and basis of other parties of the country.

As other reference and literature have pointed out, even the rise of the nasty party to be the sole political party in Germany itself may have been a political accident because it lies a combination of not only the ability of a political party to have a militia that is highly passionate to its purpose as had been proclaimed by its leader Hitler, but also because Hitler himself had a specific powerful appeal to the masses in joining either the beliefs of the party, the military arm which was essential in the overthrow of the current government, and even the point of view of the comments by addressing their individual issues which was largely and relevantly the same especially after the economic down fall of Germany resulting from World War I.

It was at this time, and the eventual overthrow of other political parties in the country, and the specialization of its militia into a formal military of Germany because it was the only political party that existed, when Hitler could finally be labeled as the head of Germany’s new social structure and political regime.


Nolzen, A. (2005). Charismatic Legitimation and Bureaucratic Rule: The NSDAP in the Third Reich, 1933–1945. German History , 23 (4), 494-518.

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