Nature Imagery Carl Sandburg Essay Sample

Nature Imagery Carl Sandburg Essay Sample

… this period, and so did the modern tradition. The prewar generation was largely founded in the poetry of Pound and Eliot, Frost and Doolittle, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, Conrad Aiken, Carl Sandburg, Edgar Lee Masters”. (Ruland, R., & Bradbury, M. ).
With the crash of October 1929 the whole remarkable episode abruptly disengaged, and the “Twenties” ended. However, what had emerged was a style that would …

… aloneness, loss, and personal isolation are oft repeated.
Many scholars, in reviewing his poetry, look at his departure from the traditionalist styles of Pound and Eliot, Frost and Doolittle, Conrad Aiken and Carl Sandburg, and label him as ingenious because he had the courage to depart from the accepted form to write his own verse.
“The poet was in his twentieth year when he realized that the …

… the common reader that RF chose to communicate his emotions.
His verse convincingly deals with social fragments. Possibly his own fragmented familial history made him particularly sensitive to the same themes in human nature and society. His call was one for individual thought, and moving away from sublime, overworked themes of traditionalist writers. His desire was for “American poets to only try to use all the tones …

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