Nature Vs Nurture Theory And Criminology Essay Sample

Nature Vs Nurture Theory And Criminology Essay Sample

… disagree on this point. For the sociobiologists, all of the modern world can be described in terms of biological creation as a response to biological neccessity: so too with the superego. Wilsons theory regarding the origin of the superego is based on the then-emerging science of the gene and gene-culture coevolution.
Gene-culture coevolution refers to the sociobilogists belief that the development of the …

… as being the result of genetic mutation.
For Wilson, the rules and order that the superego enforces in the human being are the result not of the nurture of our parents, but the nature of the genes we carry within us. Our superego is the result of the rules of order carried within our genes, reflecting the rules carried within our parents and their parents before them. …

… have been taught by them, but because we carry their genetic components.
The difference, then, between the theories of the origin of the superego of Freud and Wilson, is the difference between the sides of old debate of nature versus nurture. For Freud, our superego is formed by our experiences and traumas, for Wilson, the eventual development of our superego is carried within us from the day …

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