Navy Personal Statement Essay

Navy Personal Statement Essay

The United States Naval Academy is one of the most rigorous schools in the United States. It is designed to prepare and train young men and women to become line officers in the Navy and combat officers in the Marine Corps. In this way, the Academy is very different from a typical college. The daily regimen, as well as the physical and academic standards that midshipmen are required to meet, is much more difficult than even a college ROTC program. The Academy, therefore, requires a high level of dedication from its midshipmen. The midshipmen enforce the rules on campus as an almost separate body from the faculty.

As a prospective Naval officer, I am very interested in attending such an institution. My leadership and creativity are some of the most important qualities I want to focus on. My focus is, unlike that of today’s youngsters, geared towards serving the country. I have deep interest in learning about sea vessels and do a lot of reading on the workings of the Navy. My major exposure has been towards disciplinary studies and marine engineering.

All of these benefits will allow me to serve my country more efficiently. I have an appreciation for the importance of improving today’s youth to safeguard and enhance tomorrow’s society and feel that the Academy will play a major role in fulfilling those goals. By attending the Academy, I will receive better preparation in developing these skills. This will assist me in having a higher degree of self-confidence, discipline and leadership. The strict regimen will mould my current lifestyle so that I will get used to military lifestyle. Such training will assist me in the transition into the Navy more swiftly.

I would like to mention here an incident that happened during my early years in school. I was at that time in grade 5 and had a naïve disposition at that time. I was elected to become the head prefect of the junior section, covering classes 1-5. A classmate of mine, with whom I did not enjoy good terms taunted me by saying that I was only a junior section head boy after all and said that I could not become the head boy in the senior section. I, of course, retaliated in the same insolent way that he had talked to me by boasting of my position and saying that I was the brightest prefect in school.

My class teacher overheard me shouting and later at the end of the day called me in to discuss my behavior – only with me (perhaps that is why I understood her more). She explained to me by giving the example of Navy officers and said that there was innumerable officers who had died while serving the country and yet, no Navy officer boasted of his command or position – she explained to me that that is what is called true leadership and discipline. Her explanation was enough for me and I learnt that authority and leadership are gifts that should be learned to use with care, discipline, honesty and obedience – something the Navy officers excel in. It is thus a childhood dream of mine to continue good leadership, expand my skill set and serve the country by joining the Navy and exhibiting true character.

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