Why you need a College Resume

Why you need a College Resume

You are a student who is good in academics and excels in sport. In a few months as soon as you graduate you will need a job. You know that other students are busy preparing functional resumes which are more suitable for people just starting their career. However, you are not interested. You feel that a star student like you will be offered jobs on a platter. So why bother to prepare a resume?

Remember that you are just a fresher. Climb down from your high horse; understand that you are the one who needs a job and you need to write a college resume.

Some topics which should be included in your resume:

  • Objective:

    Many job applicants feel that there is no need to write the objective in the resume. They are of the opinion that if they do write it, it may limit their job prospects. Others feel that they should write a general objective which would hold good for almost any kind of job. It should be noted that an employer will be pleased to see a proper objective in a college resume. A vague objective far from suiting any job will make the employer feel that you yourself do not know what you want.

  • Education:

    You have previously not worked on any jobs. So the employer will primarily go by your education – the degrees you have obtained and the courses done. Write each of them in detail.  Do not forget to name the institutions where you have studied.

  • Academic Score:

    If your academic scores have been above average, do not omit mentioning them in your resume. However if the scores are bad it is better to avoid writing them unless you are specifically asked.

Now there is the task of actually writing college resumes. Be honest about everything as any deception detected later on will cause problems. Read the resume and change what you feel does not sound right. Ask a couple of friends to read it and tell you if it lacks anything. Request one of your professors to tell you how you can improve it further. Then again make the changes which you feel are necessary.

Did you know that what you have taken so much trouble to write will be seen by an employer only for a few seconds? You now have to ensure that your resume has that ‘something’ which would catch an employer’s attention. Glance at your own resume for a few seconds and see if you find anything which catches your eye. Ask your friends and professor to do the same thing. If not, then do some rephrasing so that your resume merits a second glance.

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