Why you need a Good Human Resource Resume

Why you need a Good Human Resource Resume

With companies expanding rapidly and a number of new companies being formed, the demand for human resource professionals in organizations is rising. It is an interesting field to be in, especially if you like interacting with others.

In organizations with very few employees the person in charge of administration usually handles the human resource function. Large organizations will have an entire human resource (HR) department with people handling general HR functions and some others handling specialist HR functions. There is a lot of competition with many people vying for HR jobs and you need to have an excellent human resource resume if you want to move ahead in your career.

As mentioned earlier, the field of human resources has a variety of functions.

Some of the prominent HR functions are mentioned below:

  • Recruitment:

    The process of recruitment involves finding candidates, short-listing suitable people and arranging for tests and interviews.

  • Training:

    New employees may need to be given initial training. Existing employees may also be trained to enhance their skills. The HR person will have to determine the training needs of each employee and arrange for suitable training.

  • Payroll:

    The person in charge of payroll will have to calculate the salaries of employees every month making adjustments if any. He will work in close co-ordination with the Accounts Department.

  • Employee Welfare:

    The HR person in charge will have to chalk out Employee Welfare schemes and implement them. The Human Resource Resume of such a person should focus on the different Employee Welfare programs that he has successfully administered.

Some organizations may have additional HR functions.  There are companies which have General HR personnel handling a combination of different HR activities.

If you are applying for the post of Human Resource Manager, then you will have to additionally focus on your managerial experience and leadership abilities.

You may smugly say that you are yourself from the Human Resources field and you know exactly how you need to write your resume. Well, think of it this way. Being in the HR field you very well know the importance of a professional resume. You cannot afford to make any mistakes. Shoddily written human resource resumes will surely be rejected. You may have had a successful first resume, but now it is time  to move up the career ladder.

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