Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Essay

Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Essay

Process in an organization relates to the term explaining the way things are done at that particular place. Processes in organizations define the lines of work and how that work is carried out in a certain procedure and how objectives are achieved through those special processes (Wisner & Stanley, 2008).

The organization under review is a manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), i.e., Unilevers. Unilevers is a multinational organization operating in different countries. The process under consideration is the process of supply chain. Supply chain is a vast process in itself, consisting of several different processes in itself, but here the focus would on the broad problem area of the process being discussed. In supply chain management, the basic area of improvement is the time which takes for the goods to get delivered to the end users. The process includes the acquiring of raw materials from the basic supplier. It then needs to be taken to the main manufacturing area, where raw materials are turned into finished goods and these goods are then packed and are ready for the purpose of selling. The problem occurs in time it takes for the transportation company which always fails to deliver them to the retailers, as it fails to collect the goods from the ware houses at the assigned time.

The flow chart represents a problem where the organization is considering changing the transport system it employees for the purpose of delivering the goods to the retail stores. The complaints have been on the rise and they can put a dire image on the company’s performance. This is represented in the diamond shaped box, the decision box, as to whether continue or discontinue the transport system. The box then connects to the rectangular box which is the decision box, which relates that organization will negotiate with the transportation company, and its decision will depend on the negotiations that will take place. The process is of very much importance for the organization. Unilevers is a grand organization which has close competition with Proctor & Gamble (P&G). Non availability of the product can kill its market as customers are prone to switch to the substitute products if they will not find the particular product. The substantial internal customers identified in the process are the whole sellers and the retailers who purchase the product for further selling, but the external customers are the end users who eventually consume the product. If, the organization switches to a reliable transport company to deliver the goods, it would increase the market share of the product as the whole sellers and retailers would be able to sell the product on tome and when it is being demanded. That way, customers will not have to switch to some other substitute of the product.

The tools which can help on quality improvement are identified as control charts for example Patero charts, lot sampling, process capability and value analysis. Other measures are the use of control charts, scattered diagrams, histograms, six sigma methodology and other diagrams (Harrington ,1991).

The best tool here to collect and present data would be the usage of the six sigma, which works towards the eradication of all the defects found in business manufacturing and business processes. This works towards improving the processes and works with the usage of different statistical tools. Each department of the organization works with separate set of rules with six sigma technique. This would help learn the major problem occurring, as identified to be slow delivery of the products. It might take some field survey to come up with specific statistics to move further with the correction of the problem. It would help to understand the areas where the product are not reaching at correct time and it would also help identify ‘other factors’ which are affecting the delivery problems, apart from the transportation problem itself(Harrington,1991).

Once done, it would help the organization learn as to how it can come up with solutions of the problem and what greater impacts would be seen. For instance, when the organization negotiates with the transport company, it might also give some reward package to the company to make it help achieve the target. The six sigma would then involve coming up with different expert strategy to put into use.

The strategies would then help to put a change in the process. Assuming that the organization reaches to the conclusion of discontinuing the transport system and decides to expand by establishing its own transport system and to use its own vehicles to deliver the goods, it would be due with the result of the strategies which it must have had planned to reach to a solution of the problem.


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