Negative Aspects On Collegiate Sports Essay Sample

Negative Aspects On Collegiate Sports Essay Sample

… problem [with gangs] (Model ch.2).
Taking this into account, education on youth gangs in particular must extend the barriers of school grounds and into the community. Activities run and organized by school sports teams, and clubs would help initialize community education as well as providing an opportunity for donations for an Anti-Youth Gang program.
An Anti-Youth Gang program would model itself on education and …

… solution in counteracting the onset of youth gangs, and youth gang promoted violence within our schools. Nevertheless, it will be the initiative of faculty, students and the community to continue once the educational aspects of the programs have been completed.
Community outreach through PSA’s and company-sponsored events should encourage interest in children’s well being, education and community safety. Off duty police officers should be …

… school faculty about known youth gangs, guns and drugs within their neighborhoods and schools.
With any implemented program that is designed to work through positive and peaceful methods, there are often fears of negative results. I feel, in light of recent years, students and communities are willing to take a stronger approach towards anti-youth gang programs, and will welcome any possibility availed to them.
Youth gangs …

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