Negative Effects Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay Sample

Negative Effects Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay Sample

… the scale. All these opinions also appear equally valid. Bergman for example mentions that some use the drug for the alleviation of conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. The religious group referred to as “Rastafarians” uses the drug for …

… filled with God’s word and Spirit instead.
Those who advocate the free use of marijuana argue that the legalization of marijuana would allow society to divert resources from the investigation, prosecution, and punishment, of drug offenders and use these …

… are known health hazards associated with marijuana consumption, the consumption of marijuana lowers worker productivity and may result in negative externalities when consumed before driving a car or when consumed by airline pilots, train engineers, nuclear power plant operators, and …

… patients or for people on chemotherapy, whose bodies are already very susceptible to disease. Without reliable evidence showing that, marijuana helps, it’s irresponsible to advocate its use by the seriously ill. “[Zeese, Kevin, Ruzzamenti, William, 1993]

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