Negative Effects Manifest Destiny Essay Sample

Negative Effects Manifest Destiny Essay Sample

… no longer desires. Thus, the pesticide manufacturers are going to have to find ethical justifications to continue to produce these products.
Ethical justifications tend to fall into three specific catagories and maintain three clear criteria for judgement. For any issue to be a factor in ethical consideration it must manifest a criteria or utility, rights, or justice. If none of these factors are present in a condition effecting an ethical decision, it is removed from the political realm and ceases to be an ethical consideration. Each of these three principals are fundamental to ethical decision making and must be examined …

… factor which justifies a failure to satisfy one or more of the prior criteria of ethical political and organizational behavior. This justification, however, must be based upon a situation in which the following results manifest themselves : (1) conflicts among criteria (e.g., a behavior results in both positive and negative effects); (2) conflicts within criteria (e.g., a behavior uses questionable means to achieve a positive end); and ,(3) incapacity to employ the criteria (e.g., a person’s behavior is based upon incomplete or inaccurate information) (Solomon 34-36). The manufacture or use of a pesticide which may ultimately …

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