Negro Depths Of Africa Essay Sample

Negro Depths Of Africa Essay Sample

… workshops at Sarah Lawrence College, as well as at the Chicago, Northwestern and Syracuse Universities. These were conducted in collaboration with social anthropologist Bernard Stern, under the auspices of the Progressive Education Association. Locke also lectured in Latin America, Haiti and throughout the United States. His overseas travels included Africa, Paris and Rome. His writings found publication in magazines and journals such as The Crisis, Opportunity, and Phylon. As editor he served on the boards for The American Scholar, Progressive Education and the Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion. Locke used his expertise in his membership of several associations, including …

… the Negro as an equal. As such, the New Negro was entitled to prosper and there was the possibility to do so. Families, houses, cars and freedom, together with other ideals such as a quality education are now part of American Negro life. Locke is representative of the New Negro.

The racist social construct of race was brought about by prejudice and segregation. However, as part of the social change that empowered them, the New Negro is now as multicultural as the White American. Negroes are now multi-racial, influenced by places where they have lived, in terms of beliefs …

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