Neil Postman S Point Of View Essay

Neil Postman S Point Of View Essay

… Arts education leads to cognitive and basic skills development (Medeja 1978) (Milley 1984).
$ Arts education increases interest in academic learning (Kaufman 1976).
$ High school music students have been shown to hold higher grade point averages (GPA) than non-musicians in the same school (Horne 1983).
$ The study of music produces the development of academic achievement skills (State of California 1986).
$ Learning to play a musical instrument helps …

… is the construction of musical meaning.
! A classroom where students are able to construct musical meanings
! Music and choral teachers must plan learning events wherein we seek and value our students points o view,
! Design activities that challenge students preconceptions regarding the nature of music,
! Pose problems of emerging relevance to our students,
! Build lessons around “big” ideas, and assess student learning in the context of the …

… and behavior that kids inevitably bring to school with them” (p. 30).The next influence on our students creativity or genius is the role of the school. New York University communication professor Neil Postman once wrote: “Children enter school as question marks and they leave school as periods.” Armstrong (1998), asks what happens in the interim? And goes on to point out the four most significant school …

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