Nelson Mandela Report Essay Sample

Nelson Mandela Report Essay Sample

… five – nine year olds.
Green Oaks Elementary School: We work with their fourth-grade bilingual education class.
MOMZ: Mothers on a Mission to Save our Children send their twelve year old sons to learn about computers.

Examples of the types of classes we will offer are as follow:
Shule Mandela: In partnership with Shule Mandela, we offer a series of computer courses meant to teach children how to use computers through creative projects. The first quarter of the academic year focuses on an introduction to basic computers. The second quarter consists of introduction to applications like Microsoft Word, Kid Pix …

… outcomes, Program target dates, Evaluation plan
2. Financial Information:
Project budget including income and expenses, Funding plan and other funding sources, Organizational budget including expenses and income, Audited financial statement for most recent fiscal year
3. Your proposal must also include the following attachments:
501(c)(3) Letter , Annual report and organizational brochure, ADA plan for compliance, List of donors to the organization , List of Board of Directors (indicate Board members with disabilities)
3- and write one paragraph synopsis on what you learn from each agency
The ELA Foundation seeks to fund programs of organizations that are led by or …

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