Neoclassical Essay Example

Neoclassical Essay Example

… Classical Greek, Hellenistic Greek and Neoclassical Depictions of the Female Form

The contrast between Classical and Hellenistic Greek Statuary can be seen in the aesthetics of two of the sculptures I will discuss in this paper. In addition to these two works I will compare and contrast them both to a Neoclassical painting done in 1814, a photograph of which can be seen in A History of Western Art by Laurie Adams on pg. 347. The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses thousands of examples of Greek art. Two of the most beautiful and most moving pieces of sculpture can be seen on the Metropolitan’s web Gallery at Both pieces depict the female form and almost certainly the form of a live model.
The first sculpture I will discuss is Standing draped female, late 4th–early 3rd century
B.C.; Classical Greek, probably Boeotian Rogers Fund, 1909 (09.221.28). Though the scale of the work is very small standing only 6 and 7/16 inches it is very clear from the aesthetic view, as well as the historical information about the work that it is intended to depict a real life size woman in fine attire.

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