New Testament Dissertations Topic Essay Sample

New Testament Dissertations Topic Essay Sample

The first of the individuals to address this topic, Mary Ann Glendon, has beliefs that are closest to the framers of the U.N. Declaration. One of her books, World Made New tells the story of how the United Nations report was created following W.W.II as “the founding document of the modern rights movement.” She believes that those who wrote the Declaration should ever be as revered in …

… a “Western” document that belies multiculturalism since the authors represented all 58 members of the U.N., then including 6 Asian countries, 3 nations with large Buddhist populations, 10 Islamic cultures, and 20 Latin American countries.” Makau refutes Glendon’s strong support of the Declaration because “it is a testament to the culture and morals and values of the European West premised on the notion that political democracy is sufficient to achieve human dignity, and accordingly, it wrongly equates the containment of state despotism with the attainment of human dignity.” Boorst admits even less agreement with this document. He slams …

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