A Noiseless Patient Summary Essay Example

A Noiseless Patient Summary Essay Example

… Liability Insurance

Summary: This is a one page paper that analyzes liability insurance issues in the light of End-Stage Renal Disease patients. It has 3 sources.

There are some patients who besides having Medicare have insurance that must be paid before Medicare pays its share of the bill. This applies to all pateints no matter what types of benefits are obtained from Medicare. In cases where no-fault insurance or liability insurance is available Medicare becomes a secondary payer.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is “an insurance, which protects against claims based on negligence, inappropriate action or inaction, which …

… , which results in injury or someone, or damage to property” [No-fault and Liability Insurance, 2003].

If someone has End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) than group health plan pays hospital bills first whether or not the patient is enrolled in Medicare. This health plan pays irrespective of whether the patient is a family member or currently employed. If an ESRD patient chooses liability insurance it should be the primary payer. But if the insurance company does not pay the claim within 120 days, the doctors may bill Medicare [Texas Dept of Insurance, 1999]. Thus one must consider that Medicare is …

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