Novel Summary the Bridge Of San Luis Rey Essay Sample

Novel Summary the Bridge Of San Luis Rey Essay Sample

.. was evicted so many times, lived so many places and saw his father work so many jobs he adopted the refrain “Anyone can bounce me. Mama, Dad, Rano, Schools, Streets, I’m a ball. Whatever.” (Rodriguez 33)
Eventually Poncho found a job teaching Spanish at a High School in San Fernando and the Rodriguez’ quality of life was greatly improved, returning the Rodriguez to a life similar to the one left behind in Mexico, but it was to be short lived. Poncho was discriminated against because his accent was too thick for the “white kids” to understand and he was …

… was turned upside down. Because of the socio-economic status forced upon him by American society, he could not create the stable type of life he desired for himself and his family and became viewed as another “sp** immigrant” to be despised (Rodriguez 19). The success of his son Luis is a testament to the personal sacrifices his father made, paving the way for a new future for Latinos in America.

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