Novicor Technology Partners’ Company Profile

Novicor Technology Partners’ Company Profile

With the increased technological research and project implementation across Turkey and the European Union, there are public and private needs to meet the challenges of funding, services structuring, managing, and optimization of R and D projects. One company is geared up to meet and exceed clients’ needs and Novicor Technology Partners is ready to address them.

Novicor Technology Partners has the vision to become one of the leading Turkish consulting companies in supporting innovation and research.  Novicor’ s primary goal is to further improve the Turkish innovation capacity through building awareness and encouraging cooperation of industry, academia and the government ( Its legal structure is a limited liability company (LLC). It has five (5) active investors, two of which are members of the board, and the three (3) are managing partners, Mr. Doruk, Mr. Ogulcan and Mr. Melih. Today, it has grown to having 10 staff .  It is strategically and conveniently headquartered in Instanbul, Turkey.

Novicor’s main areas of activities are to assist clients in securing project-based funding and to provide strategic consulting services in maximizing funding opportunities. Novicor’s R&D grants consulting business focuses on FP7, CIP, TUBITAK, TTGV and SANTEZ funds ( It also provides technology consultation particularly in the development of project ideas and team advancement in research and development. It has international partnerships and cooperation on technology projects as described below:

  • With Ecotec, Novicor is cooperating to establish a consortium to enter technical assistance tenders in Turkey
  • Pera: Research for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (fp7 programinda pera ile beraber research for smes çağrısı kapsamında bir kaç proje başvurusu yaptık)
  • E4B: cooperation, TR representation, event & training organization
  • EU research (The Swiss NCP)
  • European Projects Association – Novicor as a founding member
  • Institute for European Affairs – (one of the Novicor’s partners, Melih Nurluel is the TR rep)

To date, Novicor Technology Partners has assisted over 50 Turkish companies in securing R&D grants and has also received the Institutional Contact Point title awarded by TUBITAK for Novicor’s efforts in disseminating information regarding the Framework Programme and raising awareness about European Research at numerous events in Turkey ( .

The company was founded by Mr. Doruk Mutlu in 2006. Mr. Motlu’s educational background and experience proved to be very helpful in founding the said company. He completed his education at Northwestern University in the fields of Chemical Engineering and Computer Science in June 2000 (  He has worked as an Information Communications Technology consultant in the United States serving different sectors like the Banking, Finance, Energy, Utilities and Public sectors.  He worked in Ernst&Young’s I/T consulting division (US) for five years as a manager and in TAV Holding’s I/T company (Turkey) as a project manager in airport operations software development.

At Novicor Technology Partners, he is complemented by two well-educated and well-experienced managing partners in the names of Mr. Ogulcan Hapoglu and Mr. Melih Nurluel.

Mr. Ogulcan Hapoglu completed his university education at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Department of Statistics and has an MBA from Baskent University, Ankara. He has worked closely with numerous SMEs during his role as a Project Officer for Technology Development Foundation of Turkey(TTGV). Following his work at TTGV Mr. Hapoglu has worked at TÜBİTAK’s FP 6 office as an NCP in close cooperation with applicants as well as EU project officers in Brussels. During his time at TÜBİTAK Mr Hapoglu has been involved at various levels in TÜBİTAK’s FP 6 projects, which included TR-ACCESS and TR-MONET where TÜBİTAK was a coordinator, and 15 other projects including SMEs go lifesciences, LSH-ACC-MENTOR and SMEs for Food. Since 2006 Mr. Hapoglu is working as the Managing Partner responsible for developing Novicor’s FP 7 involvement and knowledge base.

Mr. Melih Nurluel on the other hand, finished his university education at  Washington University in St. Louis, USA, College of Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He has also an International Business degree as a second major. He received his Master of Science in European Politics and Governance (Classification: Merit) in London School of Economics and Political Science. He held various key positions in both private and public entities. To name a few, he worked at Inline Productions as a Purchasing Manager, at Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) as a marketing coordinator, at the Institute of European Affairs as a Country Representative and a managing partner at Inside consulting among others.


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