Nto The Heart Of Darkness Essay Sample

Nto The Heart Of Darkness Essay Sample

… Plot, Setting and Character
The story in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is told by an outside narrator as he hears it from Marlow, the main character. Marlow spends a large part of the story searching for a man called Kurtz. The search entails gathering information from a number of fairly unreliable sources, and Marlow is himself an unreliable source. Thus the reader is in the dark about the true nature of Kurtz and the story is read in nervous anticipation of finally meeting this enigmatic character. When Marlow does find Kurtz, he finds a man who has abandoned …

… and killing are added as such manifestations in the film. However, the film and in fact the real-life event of the war itself proves the implication of the book a little too well for comfort. Human beings are savage by nature. Each of us has a cleverly disguised heart of darkness. Sometimes it takes as little as a change of environment to prove this.

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