Nursing Assessments Written Essay Example

Nursing Assessments Written Essay Example

… high school. My current goal is to pursue an advanced nursing by gaining admittance to the Second Degree BSN/MSN Program at Duquesne University, which may eventually lead to a career as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Reasons for This Career
There are three main reasons I am pursuing a nursing career:
· I have always desired to work in a profession which is based on working with and serving people. This type of career gives me the greatest joy and I can not imagine being employed in any other type of profession.
· It is important for me to make a tangible …

… there are challenges ahead, but I have the determination to handle anything that life throws at me in order to achieve my dream.
An Exciting Profession
The nursing profession is constantly changing as new technology is developed. Nurses must not only understand lab results and the importance of patientassessments, but how to chart on a computer as more physicians and healthcare facilities become linked via the Internet. I feel it is important for nurses to perform these skills while at the same time interacting and caring for their patients.
There is nothing more rewarding for me than assisting another …

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