Nursing Change Theory Essay Sample

Nursing Change Theory Essay Sample

… are all of the current staff necessary to the end goal of efficient and competent patient care?
is the department overstaffed? (note that this is rarely a field in which much margin for change is present; most hospitals are understaffed and those who could be considered overstaffed by economists need each staff member to maintain high quality service and care
can the level of education, knowledge, and …

… do, not as I say), not from summary dictates (e.g., do as I say, not as I do).
Action Rationale
In restructured health services, nurse managers should be directly responsible for managing nursing services. They advise other managers whose staff includes nurses on matters pertaining to professional nursing.
Leadership is an essential component of management. It is also critical that the nurse leaders are personally prepared …

… into manageable steps, providing on-line coaching and help all serve the function of reducing learning anxiety and thus creating genuine motivation to learn and change.
Unfortunately, however, motivation is not enough. A theory or model of changemust also explain the actual learning and change mechanisms, and here Lewins cognitive models were also very helpful in providing a theoretical base.
It is clear that to …

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