Nursing Diagnosis Knowledge Deficit Hypertension Essay Sample

Nursing Diagnosis Knowledge Deficit Hypertension Essay Sample

… studies on varying populations including victims of breast cancer, HIV-positive, migraine headaches and multiple sclerosis; sufferers of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and sleep deficit; and children who have asthma and diabetes to determine the benefits of deep tissue manipulation over eight sessions (two per week for four consecutive weeks …

… inform this process.”
The majority of studies found in a survey of research on the effects of back massage by the Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing showed that the therapy has physiological impact including reduced pain, sleep improvement, decrease of heart rate and systolic blood pressure and increase …

… massage in patients
with acute myocardial infarction. Focus Critical Care(14) 42-6.

Benner P. From novice to expert. Excellence and power in clinical nursing practice. California: Addison-Wesley, 1984.

Bottorff JL.(1994) Development of an observational instrument of study
nurse-patient touch. Journal of Nursing Meas 2(1) 7 …

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