Nursing Image Profession Essay Example

Nursing Image Profession Essay Example

… The Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is best described as both a science and an art. Through nursing, individuals are serviced with health care and, in many ways, their societal needs are met. In the health care industry, nurses are at the forefront of patient care, interacting with individuals, families, and communities to promote good health, provide medical education, encourage disease prevention, care for the ill, and rehabilitate those in need (Potter, Patricia, et al, 2000, pp. 24-25). Nurses are required to multitask, acting in collaboration with other health care disciplines to promote a healthy environment.
Perhaps the …

… care disciplines to promote a healthy environment.
Perhaps the greatest understanding of nursing is that health is the right of every individual and that health care is the responsibility of society. Thus, the ideal nurse must assume three roles: provider of care; manager of care; and member of theprofession.

Roles and Ideals of a Nurse
Nursing is one of the greatest services to humanity (Blais, et al, 2001). Ideally, nurses commit their professional lives to providing health care to others. The ideal nurse should concentrate on promoting and restoring health; preventing illness of individuals, families, groups, and communities; and …

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