Nursing Models Essay Example

Nursing Models Essay Example

… be a high level of resistance to the changes from staff, a strong undercurrent of fear for their jobs, and they will look to the nursing manager as the center of “control, resilience, and hardiness.”
As nursing manager, effecting change as a “Hero Model” (i.e., proposing organic change models with commitment rather than compliance) will not be considered for this project but rather a process of teaching and conveying the changes as a process and not a singular event with the eminent need for “unfreezing, changing, and refreezing” in order to effect positive and long-term changes.
Critical Thinking …

… them to assume roles as either managers of nursing services or education, or as managers of health care services, or in health policy. In developing nurses as managers, it is recognized that leadership development is a critical component of management development, as well as being a major priority for nursing generally.
Nurses need to select appropriate uni- or multi-disciplinary programs to prepare them effectively for management, policy development and leadership in different settings and at different stages of their professional and career development. Preparation should support the importance of continuous learning that is adapted to changing needs and expectations …

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