Nursing Students Performances Essay Sample

Nursing Students Performances Essay Sample

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Current Trends
What are three factors repeated through history that have contributed to current trends in nursing practice and employment, thus expounding on the notion that one can see forward by looking back.
Nursing Shortages
The federal government and other organizations have attempted to prevent nursingshortages by examining specific requirements needed for the occupation. However, they failed to consider technological and economical factors, as well as regulatory issues, creating serious nursing shortages in 1984-1985 and 1988-1989 (Dumpe). The nursing industry is currently looking at severe nursingshortages as fewer students are enrolling in nursing programs, choosing instead more lucrative careers. The profession is also facing shortages as many nurses are quitting due to job burnout from under staffing and confusing new technology.
Supply and Demand
Nursing services are seen as a commodity, which can be bought and sold. History shows that as wages paid for nursing services increases, the number of nurses employed also increases. However, economic factors influence hospital decisions on wages for nurses, thus affecting the number of employees (Dumpe). Layoffs and lower wages were previously seen …

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