Object Oriented Analysis And Design Essay Sample

Object Oriented Analysis And Design Essay Sample

… include simulation and modeling, artificial intelligence and expert systems, Neural networks and parallel programming CAD/CAM programs and complex decision support systems.

However there are some problem areas that have so far inhibited the use of OOM from being used extensively. Firstly OOM has to be considered as a design and implementation tool rather than as a programming tool, which is unfortunately the approach followed by many developers. To effect this change programmers and designers need some fundamental alteration in their thinking process. (Functions need to be generalized). This generalization has to be carefully designed so that any modification (for …

… to the minimum. Finally in very huge systems there can be large number of modules, which are reusable. In such cases the problem of identifying the appropriate module in itself becomes complex suggesting writing new code as an attractive alternative. [Wai Khin] These reasons have limited the use of objectoriented methodology but there is no question of doubt that the Object orientedparadigm will definitely be the future of programming.

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