Obssesive Compulsive Disease Essay Sample

Obssesive Compulsive Disease Essay Sample

… . The child may build the burden inside and blow it up when they arrive at home or when they feel less depressed, in vocal tics outburst, anger or hysteria.
Knoblauch (1998) explained, symptoms are also associated with more complex disorders such as impulsiveness, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and obsessive compulsive. The child may show very short concentration span, cannot stop uttering something or clearing throat, create noise like tapping the floor or moving chair (because the child cannot stop the feet from moving) or frequently repeat unnecessary work, like restating others’ words. Other co-morbid conditions appear as psychological disorders …

… to achieve happiness; they need help from other people to accentuate what they want.
In some occasions, especially when the child is in normal condition, parents need to explain to the child about the syndrome. Having the syndrome doesn’t limit the child’s understanding and curiosity about the disease they have. Many parents want their child to feel all right most of the time. They tend to soothe the child with the relaxing atmosphere and tell the child that he/she is OK, and it will be over soon.
It is necessary that once in a while, parents explain …

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