Ocean Circulation Global Warming Essay

Ocean Circulation Global Warming Essay

… supported by cooler temperatures may also become destabilized and melt, thus the sea level will rise at a rate more rapid than normal (Knauer, 1997). Warmer water temperatures also result in changes in ocean currents, and this could gravely affect marine ecosystems that rely on currents for nutrients and sustenance (Knauer, 1997).

How does mandatory renewable energy regulations and the requirement that homes and businesses affect global

… dramtically impact the rate at which pollutants plague the earth. Electric cars have also been introduced in recent years. If these cars were made more readily accessible to everyone, the impacts on global warming could be substantial. Electric vehicles use much less gas than their traditional counterparts. Research should also be focused on fuel economy and the adoption of new technologies that could improve fuel economy.

The …

… and research into technologies that will allow more renewable sources of energy to be used. Preliminary studies have indicated that the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy will dramatically decrease global warming.

If more money is invested in research, new technological advances might be realized over the next ten years that may dramatically impact the environment. Currently consumers are aware of renewable energy resources …

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