Octavian Roman Empire Essay Sample

Octavian Roman Empire Essay Sample

… By the time of Octavian, the Roman Republic had disappeared and was replaced by the Principate. But the Roman people still clung to the old customs and traditions and considered them important. Therefore, Octavian saw the need to preserve as much as possible the facade of the Republic while actually holding all of the real power himself. He was able to do this because the Roman people …

… would establish peace. Thus Octavian was given the following titles: princeps (first citizen), Augustus (revered and majestic one), imperator (commander), tribune for life (control of the assemblies) and Pontifex Maximus (head of the Roman religion). Most importantly, this wide range of titles was gained legally and with the full participation of the people, clearly illustrating that he had a full and legitimate claim to be ruler of …

… bended knee” (Hayes and Hanscom 499). In the end, Diocletian’s well-laid plans for succession failed. After some struggle, Constantine used his army to take control over the western part of the empire while Licinius took the east.

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