Oedipus Death Of A Salesman Essay Sample

Oedipus Death Of A Salesman Essay Sample

… and the murdered man. (15)

With the preceding quote, Burke’s first developmental stage is set. Oedipus has purpose. Within this quote an audience also sees a glimmer of the flaw that will eventually be the king’s downfall, his pride.
The second element, passion, can be seen throughout Oedipus’ life and throughout the play. His violence toward Laius in his youth, his brash statements, and his quickness to proclamations and judgment are expertly weaved throughout the story. At one point Oedipus becomes angry at an old shepherd. “You won’t talk for pleasure? Then perhaps you’ll talk for …

… which all other tragic hero’s have been built upon. His great fall from nobility to horror as the result of his tragic flaw is the format by which all of tragedy is measured today. Every play from Eruipides Medea to Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman have been written about and criticized in relation to Oedipus the King. Indeed there is a reason for this. Sophocles created the perfect tragedy. He created a play that was so perfect in form and content, that it is still a model by which plays are compared.


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