Oedipus The King Man Versus Man Essay

Oedipus The King Man Versus Man Essay

Discusses the characters in three plays by ancient Greek writer, Sophocles.

… to give her brothers corpse a proper burial, as to not bring further shame upon them.

Antigone brings into the picture the difference between the laws of man versus the laws of the gods. She speculates about the rights of Creon, questioning his authority can he override what the gods desire to happen? Her arguments are valid, and show the audience how irresponsibly Creon is acting.

… who isn’t afraid to act at least when we first meet him in Oedipus Rex. He saves Thebes from the curse of the Sphinx by solving a riddle, and then becomes the King of Thebes almost instantaneously. He is all too happy to announce himself, along with his goodness ironically, the mere mention of his name after Oedipus Rex strikes fear into the people of Thebes. …

… what he has done (killed his father and married his mother) until it is too late until he has produced in-bred children.

Sophocles doesn’t allow for much change in Oedipus in Oedipus Rex¬† the climax and resolution of the play happen so close to the end. Perhaps that is why Sophocles decided to continue the story regardless, Oedipus continues for most of the play to …

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