Oil Drilling In Alaska Debate Essay

Oil Drilling In Alaska Debate Essay

… limit to the push for more harvesting. In an attempt to restore fading fish stocks, the NEFMC (in the 1990s) began reducing the number of days fishermen could work the sea (days at sea, DAS). The actual result of these curtailments is a subject for debate. There is no debate however, that between the years 1992 to 1997, the number of fish processing plants in Massachusetts dipped from 130 to 75.
And with that background, we return to 2003, and present-day realities for Gloucester. A very restrictive new set of fishing restrictions, Amendment 13, that was to go into …

… is to promote the fishing industry, and to make life better for retired fishermen and their families. We have small funds for really true emergencies, mostly when people get lost at sea. We do education programs for children of fishermen. We have also done environmental work, like, stopping the oil drilling on Georges Bank, and we worked to help stop ocean dumping, I believe it was 1987, and declaring a marine sanctuary.
QUESTION: Do you think the current judges order restricting fishing is fair?
ANSWER: No, no, no. And weve been leading some of the protests. We work …

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