Olivier Picasso Essay Sample

Olivier Picasso Essay Sample

… true, what is representative of humanity. The style he uses is this: one-point perspective, chiaroscuro, disintegration of form3 (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 17), in other words, not clear outlines of human figures can be seen, he even paints light with color. Picasso is now portraying humanity conceptually – in other words, it is the audience who must try to identify representative figures – they must use their imagination to be able to see what Picasso has painted on his canvas. Conceptual – not physical – imagine from what you see on the canvass and you will see reality.4 (Student’s Interpretation).

When Picasso painted his “Demoiselles d’ Avignon” he was experimenting again. He overtuned the old style of naturalism, he used what is called “shifting viewpoint,” he adopted a free approach to color and telling his audience that they can see on the canvass what they know exist.5 (Student’s Interpretation). It is what you know and not what you see. It sounds hard to understand – but try this – mind over matter – intellectual more than physical, in one single word – Imagination.

What is the core value in this kind of painting? Picasso is addressing an audience of intellectuals. The thought which one …

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