Olympics 2004 Essay Example

Olympics 2004 Essay Example

… .008 45.803.360 46.636.293 12,66% 6,43% 7,61% 1,82%
* provisional data
Table 2. Nights spent by foreign tourists in hotels and similar establishments by month*, from NSSG, GNTO (2002)

Apart from the crowded business, Ruggia (2002) said that new challenge is coming in 2004, when the Olympic Game will return home. Greek government apparently has been working hard to set up sophisticated infrastructures and make enormous promotion actions to attract new investors and visitors to the country. About $437 alone has been to revamp hotels in Athens for the building betterment and room expansion …

… U.S. target campaigns. Most of the funds will be used to support advertising and tour agencies. He expected this strategy will bring more visitors to Greece, which has fallen since 1985 from about 600,000 annual visitors to 215,000 in 2001.
Ruggia said, the theme of this Olympics, Bringing the Games Home, has a double meaning, as organizers are promising a more pure, less corporate event. Although some perties say that they should limit the number of corporate sponsors, but it does not mean they completely close the doors for economy reason.
The US Department of Agriculture (2002 …

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